Swuggling is juggling while swimming and can be a fun addition to any swimming session. It is also one of the disciplines in a juggling triathlon (joggling, swuggling and unijuggling)

To start swuggling, first you need to be able to juggle while lying down on your back.

Second, you need to be able to swim on your back using only your legs for propulsion, as your arms and hands are occupied with juggling,

Third, you need some juggling balls that can handle getting wet. Regular bean bags and other balls that are filled with something are generally not waterproof and therefore not recommended, nor are balls made from leather as they will get soaked.

Instead you can use solid type balls made for bounce juggling or specialized swuggling and joggling balls – such as these from Speevers

NOTE: beware that most juggling balls do not float 🙂

Where to swuggle?

You can swuggle anywhere that you can swim, but for starting out, I’d recommend trying it out in a pool (or at a shallow water beach with good underwater visibility) as it will then be easier to fetch the balls if you drop them and doesn’t manage to catch them before they sink.