Juggle Fitness Training Program

Below is a 25-minute Juggle Fitness Training Program that you can do at home or any other place you’d like.

The program includes exercises with heavier weight training juggling balls (see the page on Juggle Fitness Equipment for more on those) to get a better full body workout – but if you only have regular juggling balls or other props that you are proficient with, it’s no problem using those instead.

The training program is meant as an inspiration, and I will encourage you to experiment with changing up the exercises, repetitions, sets and juggling patterns/tricks to suit your needs, ambitions and skill level and to keep your training varied. Juggling is and should be a fun and creative activity – even when it’s done to get fit 😀

ActivityEquipmentTime, reps & setsDescription
Warm-upUsing regular juggling balls, clubs, rings or whatever you choose. 3-5 minutesFreestyle juggling or a routine of your choosing
Sit-upsRegular or light balls are easier for juggling on your back. 2 minutes or 20 reps. Sit-ups takes longer when combined with jugglingCascade pattern is easiest, but feel free to mix it up
Juggle SquatsWeight training juggling balls5-10 reps, 2-3 setsCascade or pattern of your choice
Freestyle weight trainingWeight training juggling balls5 minutes, 2 setsAny tricks and patterns. I’ve found the following to be effective:

• Clawing
• Two-in-one hand tricks
• Take-outs
• Over the head
• Lots of multiplexing
• High throws

Also try juggling the patterns both close to your body and further out and/or to the sides
Juggle lungesWeight training juggling balls5-10 reps, 2-3 setsCascade or pattern of your choice