Juggle Fitness Equipment

To start juggling for fitness purposes, you obviously need something to juggle – and that’s really about it 🙂

You can juggle anything you like, but for starters I would recommend some good old fashioned bean bags (size 60-70 mm) that are a little underfilled (that means they are not hard, but squeeze a bit) so they won’t roll too far and are easy to catch.

Chances are you already have some of those, but otherwise you can get them in any juggling store – offline or online.

You can also get smaller 50 mm balls that you can easily take with you anywhere you go, for a truly portable and fun workout. I keep some in my backpack at all times 🙂

However, to get the most out of your Juggle Fitness workout, I suggest you buy or make some extra heavy juggling balls, that are especially designed for this purpose. Read more below.

Weight training juggling balls

DX ball

These are juggling balls especially made (or at least very suitable) for weight and fitness training, that will further increase your calorie burn as well as train and strengthen your arms, shoulders, core and back muscles –  using them also improves your regular juggling stamina.

One type are the Beard Juggling “DX Powerballs” (pictured above) that are filled with steel shots and come in three different sizes (62, 68, and 75 mm) and weigh 450, 600 and 800 grams respectively. DubĂ© also make some called Exerballs.

You can also buy extra heavy beanbags or even make your own russian style juggling balls filled with sand (or similar) to any desired weight of your own choosing.

Another option is to juggle basketballs (about 600 grams) or something similar, thought that might make some of the exercises suggested on this site more difficult (but potentially more fun)

Things to consider when using weighted juggling balls

Always do a light warm-up session with regular balls or other light props first. It’s also a good idea to do some stretch exercises for your wrists.

When juggling, try throwing more with your arms (especially using the biceps) and less with your wrists. Stop or take a break if your wrists or joints starts to hurt. It’s never worth getting an injury.

Be extra careful when doing tricks that might cause you injury if the balls are dropped (e.g. over the head type of tricks and similar)

Always watch your feet 🙂

Don’t overdo it. Only juggle weighted juggling balls for shorter periods of time. I suggest starting with just a few minutes and then work your way up to maybe 20-30 minutes tops.  Hour long sessions are not a good idea. Using weighted balls are like lifting weights at the gym, and you wouldn’t do that for too long at the time either.

Juggle over a surface that can handle dropped balls – wooden floors are usually not good. You can also juggle over  a madras.

Be considerate towards downstair neighbors if you live in an apartment building.