What is Juggle Fitness?

Juggle Fitness is basically juggling with the added purpose of exercising. As such, any fitness related activity involving the skill of juggling can be considered  as a type of juggle fitness.

At its core, Juggle Fitness is just regular juggling (which is actually a really good workout in its own right) – but on this website I will share with you some ideas on how to combine juggling with well-known fitness exercises, sports and weight lifting / strength training using special weighted juggling balls, to get an even better and more fun workout. Different from any other type of boring physical exercise you’ll find at the local gym.

And if that’s not enough to get you intrigued, I can share with you that juggling is also a great way to train eye-hand/ball coordination, motor skills, balance and reflexes. It even keeps your brain fit and is great for stress relief. Essentially – juggling has no downsides 😀

Getting started with Juggle Fitness

Juggle Fitness have a semi-high learning curve to begin with, as you need to be able to juggle at least a standard 3-object cascade (pictured above with balls) – but once you’ve learned that, it’s pretty straight forward, and did I mention fun?

If you already know how to juggle, keep reading below, otherwise click on the link Learn to juggle here or in the menu and come back when you can do a basic cascade – good luck 😉

Once you’ve learned to juggle (and you don’t need to very good) you can start doing Juggle Fitness. Follow the blue links below (or use the menu) for information on the various aspects of – quite likely – the most fun type of fitness ever invented.

Equipment for Juggle Fitness

This article will guide you through the equipment needed for Juggle Fitness. To summarize it, you can either use regular balls (and other juggling props such as scarves) or use heavier weighted juggling balls that adds strength training to the workout.

Juggle Fitness Patterns & Tricks

Read about juggling tricks and patterns that I’ve found to be effective and fun when juggling for the purpose of getting fit. You’ll also find a few other inspirational ideas to get you started properly.

Juggle Fitness Exercises

Juggling can be beautifully combined with regular fitness exercises you might already know from the gym – using normal juggling balls or the heavier weight training juggling balls.

In this article, you’ll find a collection of mainly lower-body and core fitness exercises that combined with juggling (upper body) will give you a pretty thorough and fun workout.

Juggle Fitness Training program

I’ve put together a juggle fitness training program (no diet tips) that you can do at home. The training program is meant as an inspiration, and I would encourage you to experiment with adding or subtracting other exercises, repetitions, sets and juggling patterns to suit your needs, ambitions and skill level – juggling is and should be a creative activity, that’s a big part of what makes it so fun 😀


Joggling is juggling while jogging (or walking). If that sounds like fun to you, check this article out for tips and tricks and do’s and dont’s.


Swuggling is the more difficult combination of swimming while juggling. Head here to find out how to get started.